October 23, 2011

Twenty Two

So this weekend Andrew is a away in Wellington for Nevermind Punkfest '11 and our tabby Mabel is so depressed because he is gone.  She sleeps all day and night in his computer chair or goes outside and looks for him, meowing constantly.  I had a friend stay over in the lounge last night and I actually had to move the chair from the computer to the bedroom so she wouldn't bother my friend and she didn't move the whole 8 hours I was sleeping.

I feel so bad but oh gosh he only has been gone a few days and he is back tomorrow.  She is really obsessed with him, she has followed him everywhere, from the dairy two blocks away to the shower, which is creepy!  It's so funny but also a little sad.  Well she will be relieved when he returns tomorrow night.  What a silly kitty.

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