September 05, 2012

44: Fashion finds.. Ashley Nell Tipton

Ashley Nell (found here) is a brilliant fashion designer who's current spring 2013 plus size line is having me fall head over heels.  Such strong thoughtful designs with a very girlie flair, they scream spring.  I really need to get the pink polka maxi.  It's divine!

And here is Ashley herself, so beautiful!
No wonder her clothes are amazing, they are almost as stunning as her!


  1. WOW I love these! I really want the pink dress! I am glad you are blogging again! can we hang sometime??:)

  2. Yes, the are such beautiful clothes, I love her designs!1 I am glad I'm back at blogging, mid-year I tend to get absorbed in study.. but I'm hopefully back to this for the long haul! And yes we should hang out soon! Go op-shopping soon maybe? :)


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