August 01, 2013

I've been away for too long.

Well hello again!  
That was a long hiatus.  Nine months, woah!  Let me tell you a lot happened since I was last posting on here!  

I completed yet another semester of my never-ending degree (only 2.5 more semesters to go!)  I successfully made it through the review we had at work, and got to keep my job- yay!

I broke my arm AND torn ligaments in my foot this year, two different occasions but with the same people each time!  I fostered an adorable kitten named Ruby before our cat Mabel started to attack us, so that ended quickly.  Also I met author Lynley Dodd, which was AMAZING.

My Mother has been rather unwell so I took an unplanned trip to Chicago last month.  It was a lot of hard work, and a lot of changes have happened since the last time I was there (in 2008) but it was wonderful to see family and friends.  And it was really good to help my Mother, and I get to go back in November!  I cannot wait, this last trip was a lot of work but the upcoming one will be a holiday (literally, I will be there for Thanksgiving!) So excited!!!

So it's been a busy 7 months, I am coming up to some more opportunities and challenges that I hope go well, I will write more about that later in the week but for now here is a instagram recap of the last few months.No more long breaks, I promise.


*note that photo of me and Andrew is like years old, I just love it.

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