May 21, 2014

Back to Basics: Makeup

I don't wear heaps of makeup normally, but over the last few months I've been learning a bit from my beautiful friend Courtney who is a contributor to Makeup Obsessives.  I've been having a little play around but keeping it low key, mainly because I don't like wearing too much on my skin and also I'm a poor student and I need to make my make up last.

Here is a basic 5 product routine that I have begun to get myself into, it's not a heavy makeup, feels really fresh and lightweight and lasts all day.

I am still learning, so bare with me- I might not apply things correctly, or to standard - but I do want works best for me and from everyone I have talked to, that is usually the best way to do it. :)

0. I didn't add it in, but I moisturize first, I use Nivea day creme something, don't really remember.  I am lucky, I have pretty good skin, not many breakouts, no oil or dry patches, so I get away with murder on my skin.  I can use whatever to moisturize and it's usually all good.

1. I start with a primer.  I never use to use primer, didn't know it even existed until about 8 months ago.  I couldn't live (in makeup context) without it.  It really does prolong your makeup wear.  And if you find the right one for your skin type, it's like air.  I just bought Rimmel Fix and Perfect.  I was using Maybelline Instant Age Rewind up until last week, but I bought it in the America and cannot find it here, so I changed to a different brand.  This is a good primer, it's more of a cream than a gel (which the Maybelline one was) so it takes a bit more to apply throughout my face.  But so far I think it's pretty good.

2. Courtney converted me to these Maybelline Fit Me concealer sticks.  I usually follow her tips on her Maybelline video (see here) and use a few shades lighter than my skin tone to highlight, few shades darker to contour, and then the right skin tone to even out- then blend, it's cut my foundation/concealer routine down from 10 minutes to about 3, max.

3. I know you don't have to wear powder with the fit me sticks, but I'm a sucker for powder, I like the overall look and finish it adds to my face, so I whack a wee bit on, just to set the concealer stick.

4. My eyebrows are my strong point.  I spend the most time on these bad boys.  (Not shown) but I use a eyebrow pencil to outline the lower line of the brow, then I fill with ELF powder and set with it's wax.

5. I use two mascaras, one coat for length, two coats for volume.  I have been using these Maybelline ones lately, only because my Sephora mascara has run out.

Lastly, depending on what I'm doing I might add a bit of colour to my cheeks, or a bit more of a highlight to my cheekbones.  It really depends on the occasion- I'm pretty basic most days.

I also am not a huge lipstick person.  I feel I am horrible at applying it, so if it's a special occasion I might put the effort in, most days I just whack on some chap-stick and head out.

Overall it's a quick (maybe 20 minutes, if that) makeup routine, I like the results, just highlights my features a bit more, without looking too dramatic or heavy.

Anyways if you have any products you would like to recommend or tips, please share.

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