October 21, 2014

My disappointment with Modcloth

This is a story about a dress.. this dress:

Still Got It dress- Modcloth

I first ordered it in late August of this year, and I picked the untracked shipping because it was around 15 dollars cheaper and I waited.. I waited..
in mid-September I used Modcloth's live chat customer service and asked if everything was okay with my order, they said because I choose the cheaper shipping there was no tracking but it should be on it's way and that I should get in the first week of October by the latest.

So I waited and waited and in the mean time another dress on ModCloth went on sale, it was a dress that I was hoping to buy for my wedding and now that it was on sale I was so lucky and I bought it right away- but this time I picked the tracked shipping (I mean if it's my wedding dress I want to know where it is the whole time.)

So I waited some more.. I saw on the tracked shipping for my wedding dress that it was in the country, so I got excited, I took a day off school to wait for it's planned arrival, but it didn't come.  My boy waited at home the next day but still, no dress.

Then that night I logged onto my bank account and saw a random deposit from Modcloth.  I was so confused I jumped on their site and saw my order for the "Still Got It" dress was returned.  

I checked my emails, nothing from Modcloth.

So I went on to their customer care again.  I asked them what was up, why I got the money, why my dress was returned, why I didn't get any email notification.

They said the address was printed wrong, I checked what I had written on the order- it was correct, they went to talk with their distribution people, OOPS their fault, they printed it out wrong.  So this is why it was returned.  I asked why I didn't get an email to verify the item was returned, they didn't really have an answer for that. 

I asked why they only refunded the cost of the dress not the shipping, they promised to refund the shipping, since it was their fault.  And to make it better they said they would send me an email for free shipping so I could quickly re-order that dress.  

They said they had sent it while we were live-chatting (I never got an email.)

At the same time, I was freaking about about my wedding dress- I was still waiting for it and Modcloth said it was in this same boat.  The address was wrong.  Modcloth said I should contact the courier comapny asap to try to get the package re-routed to my actual address.  I luckily got in contact with them just in the knick of time and got my wedding dress (but also got a heck of a lot of stress!)

The next day I got the wedding dress, huge thanks to the courier company, and I went back on live chat to ask about this free shipping code email that I still did not get.  This customer care person was not interested in my issues, and basically called me a liar saying that the email was sent, I must have gotten it.  

I had not gotten anything from them, and I was still waiting to hear if my shipping was going to be refunded like I had been promised.

Then I decided to email the company with my formal complaint and urged them to fix their distribution/printing issues.  I had some friends who had similar issues with packages from Modcloth, so I thought it was important!   By October 3rd they responded, they said my shipping would be refunded and finally sent me a free shipping code and a $25 gift card.  I was pretty stoked, I thought it was a great way to handle the problem, I thought they were listening to their customers.

So once I saved a little money, on October 9th, I jumped on their website and re-ordered the dress, I was so excited and I got it tracked so I knew I shouldn't have issues, I wrote my address differently too in hopes to not have a printing error.. I began to wait.. I was happy, I thought after all the drama I was getting the dress I really wanted and was really pleased with Modcloth in the long run.

I waited.. and waited.. and waited.

I got the fast, tracked shipping.  They said it took two-three days to pack the item and send it, and I should get it in four days after that.. I checked my order status each day to see when it was going to be shipped - 

"Pending" for 10 days!  

I contacted Modcloth customer care live chat again, asked what the hold up was- the lady was really helpful and said she was not sure what was going one but she would look into and email when she found out more. 

She emailed a day later: 
"Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill your order due to an oversale. We’re so sorry!
Oversales happen when there’s a discrepancy between the stock count in our system and the actual number of items we have available. Sometimes they’re caught too late, and it’s a real bummer! Sadly, our only available option was to cancel your order."
This is when I began to get the hint that the world did not want me to own this dress.
I emailed back and explained all the drama that led up to this, at the moment I am still waiting to hear back from the email.  
Just before writing this, I checked the order history on their site and it said my total was $0 and that I would not be getting a refund, WHAT!?

I jumped on to customer care again, and said I paid partly with a gift card and partly my credit card and I used a free shipping voucher, how can they said my order total was $0.
They have promised that they refunded the credit card and gift card and gave me another free shipping code.
But seriously, they are such a slack company.  No emails to tell you what is going on.  Nothing to inform you of their issues or decisions- and if I had not investigated it I wouldn't have known what was going on because they wouldn't have told me.  I would have been blissfully unaware, ALWAYS WAITING, not getting any orders..
Such a shame too, because they have really amazing clothing and in extended sizing.  But they are terrible when it comes to admitting their faults and handling customer complaints.  Any other company would have bent over backwards to try and fix this but Modcloth just quietly refunds your money with no email explanation and just waits for the customer to question it.
I really don't know what to do anymore with this company.  I urged and begged them to escalate my complaint to someone higher that can make a change, but I doubt they have.
I honestly cannot see myself buying from them again, they are not a good company and they could be if they just put a little more effort into it.  What is the point of having a 24/7 customer care line if you don't fix the issues in the first place?!

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