September 07, 2011


Fact about me: I collect old books.  A few of my favorites are first edition Nancy Drews and Agatha Christie novels.  I love Christie so much I named my lovely cat after her! For Christmas my entire life I have my Father has always given me an old book.  Last Christmas he gave me this book (The Mammoth Book of Thrillers, Ghosts, and Mysteries).  Which goes in suit with the genre I adore.  Mystery, Murder, Ghosts..

(here she is Miss Agatha Christie Kitty)


  1. Book Collecting! How cool :) I have a couple of old books and they feel so special and I always wonder who's read and enjoyed them before me!


  2. I always love when you find a book that has words written inside of it.. "to Sammy, happy 5th birthday. Love Nana" or something, its so much more magical and to me makes the book worth so much more. x


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