September 06, 2011


Right at this moment, the perfect day would be... 

A surprise snow day.. 

When I was a child I loved snow so much, I loved to get all bundled up and go out on adventures in our backyard.  My older brother, Miles, use to always be quicker at getting ready for the snow than I was, he would rush outside before me and draw animal and dinosaur footprints in the snow.  When I finally got ready I would rush outside and he would be excited to show me what he 'discovered'.  I was in awe of the prints and we would hunt dinosaurs for hours, afterwards ending up at a neighbors home for some cocoa before going back out on the hunt once again.

When I got older, in my teenage years, I hated snow.  I never wanted to go out when it was snowing because I could slip or it would mess up my straightened hair.  At that age the only good part of snow was if it snowed so much we didn’t have classes but then we still were stuck in the house because all the roads would be closed.  I was so happy when I moved to New Zealand and the area we lived in had no snow.  I lived in the far north so the winters were always very mild and not as much rain as we get here in Hamilton.  

After my third or fourth New Zealand Christmas though I really began to miss snow again.  When I finally went back to America to live in my late teens/early twenties I found I loved the snow once again.  And now that I am once again back in New Zealand, it is a feeling that still burns in my heart, I love the snow.  I am envious of those who get the white Christmas'.  It’s warming up here in New Zealand now, spring is upon us, but that means it’s cooling down there in America.  The leaves are turning and snow will follow quickly thereafter..

I've grown to love all different kinds of soups and I never really bother with my hair being straight these days.  The thoughts of the snow just invade my mind constantly and the longing of it grows more and more inside.  I love the feeling of being outside on a still December night, bundled in your woolly coat, everything frozen and you just waiting for the snow to start back up.  When you can only see your breath. It's a beautiful thing.

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