January 18, 2012

Thirty Four - Happy Belated New Year!

Wow, it's almost been a month, I took a rather long break over the (not-so-summer) summer.  It's be lovely weather in my opinion, I love cool breezes and rain, so I couldn't have been more happy with the past few weeks, although I feel the rest of New Zealand would have rather preferred sunshine (which is also nice now and then, when it's not coupled with horrid heat). 

 The past few weeks since Christmas I have been back and forth on this tiny island of mine, visiting family and friends and I even celebrated a birthday!  Imagine that!  What a month January has been, and it has been nice to be away from everything for a while too.  

I start back at school in about three weeks (maybe a little less than that) and I am very excited about my return.  It will give me a lot more structure and so I hope to be updating more and more from now on. :)  

Hope you are having a wonderful winter/summer break depending on where you reside. Much love.

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