September 24, 2012

What's in my make-up bag? Blogger response.

My amazing friend Karina over at Shredded Lace asked us (Hamilton Bloggers Network- join!) what's in our make-up bags?  Here is what is in mine:

First off, I don't wear a lot of make up, it's mainly just coverage from blemishes or bags under my eyes- so don't get your hopes up for much, ha!

This is pretty much the extent of my make-up collection. I use a mineral powder that is not shown because I ran out ( as you can tell my stay matte is almost out too, I need to do some make up shopping!)
Another thing is, during my 'learn to wear make up' years, I lived with my Father, so my knowledge of make up is kind of not there, don't judge how I use products there is a 50/50 chance I'm using them wrong. 

for me this is step one: I use a mix of Lush's Colour Supplement and Clinique's Continuous Coverage with a basic lotion (at the moment it's St. Ives) and I just use it as a basic cover.

I put this bad boy (Covergirl/Olay's Simply Ageless) on and under my eye lids, it pretty much covers anything dark lurking there, and it's not harsh on my skin- it has a built in lotion.  It's also great for holding any eye-shadow I might wear (which is rarely) and if I smudge my mascara I can wipe it off without messing up the rest of my look. 

Funny story about this product, my Father bought it for me as a gag gift for my last birthday, because he said I was getting older, I could use all the help I could get ("simply ageless, ha!)  I didn't use it for a long while, but when I ran out of my last concealer I replaced it with this and it really is amazing.  Thanks Dad!

I'm almost out of my powder, but this is amazing, it's Rimmel's Stay Matte and it's really light and blends with my skin tone rather well.  I love this stuff, obviously, since it's almost gone.

If I am going out I will use Maybelline's mouse blush, but if it's day-to-day I skip it.  The I use a mixture of mascaras, Covergirl's Nature Luxe only on my top lids, it elongates them, and then Maybelline's Great Lash (the one thing my Mother taught me about make up was that Great Lash is the best mascara, and it really is) after on both top and bottom.  

I also love Lush products so I finish with some stick perfume (Lust is amazing, my favorite is The Smell of Freedom).  And check out my adorable cat mirror my great friend Christina gave me.  EEEEEEE, Cats!!!

At the end of the day I use face scrubs, two kinds (both Neutrogena) one after another- but if I am in a rush I also carry Neutrogena eye make up remover with me at all times, it's great when I'm wearing contacts, eye make up and contacts are not a great mix, so if I have some smudging I can just grab this and fix it up!  It's amazing.

So that's about it!  Thrilling I know... xxo


  1. Your cat mirror!! So cute! I have never used Great Lash, what's it like? I always use maybelline mascara and I don't know why.. Lol so cool that you did this :) I love seeing what other people use!

  2. Maybe it's an American favorite, I have always been told it's the best. I have found it is one of my favorites that I have used, but others are great too! Haha! I thought it would be cute to do a response- keeping our blogs connected and making an amazing community! xxo


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