March 23, 2012


Thanks to my darling boyfriend I am now completely loving BIG BANG's new album Alive.  And this is such a fantastic song, and so different to the majority of what I listen to.

Other than that musc addition, I am working more hours at the museum and spending my days off with friends, in between school work.

Yesterday I went to see The Hunger Games film. Overall it was really well done, I understand they need to cut or change things for film but it was a really good adaptation.  And I loved how they made District 12 look as it was something I never really thought much about, in contrast with how the Capitol is described.  Overall I really enjoyed it.

More updates to follow but for now I need to work on my essays. xo

1 comment:

  1. I think you will enjoy this little number..

    haha! Best ever! So catchy! :) Make more posts! I want to read :)


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