March 03, 2012

thirty seven

Wow, so it's been a while since I last wrote something, a lot of changes have happened.  I left working in retail last month and moved on to a new position at the local museum, working front of house.  It's absolutely everything I could have ever hoped and dreamed for.  And later in the week I have another interview for more hours within in the museum, so fingers crossed for that.  As time passed our garden has flourished with lots of tomatoes, corn, squash, and sunflowers.  Its been a late bloom this season due to the rain I think but things are coming along slowly. 

I have also been up to my ears in books, I have read about 7 books in the past two weeks or so, I am really loving it.  I have also started back at school, which I think will see the decline in reading books for fun and the uptake of reading books for research.  I have been enjoying my classes overall, but I'm finding that I know a lot of the stuff they are teaching at the beginning, hopefully it gets trickier the more we get into things because I'm up for a challenge this year. 

Very happy, more soon I promise. xo

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