September 10, 2012

46: we are young

I keep playing this on repeat.  It's funny when you find a song for the first time and see it has ba-jillion of hits, and you think "How did I never hear this before?"  

I keep playing this gem.  Over and over, while I work on my huge list of assignments that are due this week.  1/3 done so far.  I so wish it was more like 3/3 done, but I'll take what I can get.. Better get back to it, so looking forward for Friday when my break begins!  Also this weekend is our annual work get-together, I work for the local city council, so it's going to be a lot of people who I work in different departments so it should be interesting.  I am excited.  OH well now back to study!



  1. Good luck, Alyson! You can do it!! This is such a beautiful version of the song too x

  2. Thank Jess! I have made progress tonight! I'm going to head to bed shortly I think. See you in the morning.


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