September 17, 2012

50: Music Mondays and Kitty Photoshoot.

mabel was looking so adorable today i dug my camera out and took a few snaps of the kitty princess.  both of my cats are not fan of the recent weather so it's been lots of sleeping on the couch for them and less outside exploring.  hopefully the sun starts shinning for longer than 40 minutes a day and they will be back outside in the daytime exploring the garden!

a quick snap of my fireplace mantle.. thanks to SRW for the cat plates!

kitty blopper.

for music mondays I have the brand new (release 12 hours ago) music video from g-dragon (CRAYON), which i'm actually loving at the moment.. it's unlike a lot of other music i get into, so here's to a change.

as well as the ever-so-amazing "Kissing You Goodbye" video by The Pierces.  two very different songs, but I love them! :)

til next time. xo

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