September 26, 2012

new times

Spring is here and it has brought with it some unexpected challenges!  But it has also made me change my pace and get back into things I love doing.  Baking has been a huge one, I bake soft pretzels the other day and when I woke the next day they were all gone, they must have been a huge hit with Andrew and his workmates.  I have been spending more time with Andrew before he heads to his night shift job, which has been wonderful.  And I am starting to read some new books, most recently The Queen & I by Sue Townsend. Next week I am excited to be travelling up to Auckland to see my best friend and go to Robyn's concert!!  Many other concerts coming up and I will write more later in the week about my exciting plans for the spring/summer.


1 comment:

  1. I love the picture layout ! I want to go to Auckland! My favourite city! Well, I love Wellington too :D


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