September 03, 2013

Art in the City

It’s amazing how much art is surrounding us each day and we don’t even notice.  The little city I live in is full of street art; lots of talented artists take to the streets to show beauty in otherwise boring and sterile city landscape that surrounds us inside the city. 

Recently I imaged searched street art in my city and was overwhelmed by the results, some I had seen and some I wanted to go out and search for.  It is amazing to know that these gems are out there, just waiting for someone to stumble upon them.

It reminds me that we need to slow down at times in our lives, look around us and see the beauty that is everywhere- regardless of it is in a painting, or in a smile on someone’s face.  The world can seem a bit overwhelming and fast paced to us all at times, but there is beauty everywhere we just have to open our eyes up and look.

Do you have any favorite hidden beauty spots in your city??


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