September 30, 2013

Day and Night: Mod Cloth Edition

It's no secret that I love clothes.  And that I am extremely excited about going back to America in two months.  I have a slight obsession with Mod Cloth too, and I have spent hours tonight looking at all the beautiful dresses and shoes that I wish I could have.  I know it's a silly thing and a 'typical' girl thing to do, but I also like to share the dress I like and save them here so when I get my sewing machine out I have almost a reference of dresses and shapes I like or would like to try and make.   Some of these dresses have me wishing I was growing up about 50 years earlier than I did.  I wish society dressed up a bit more..
Anyways here are some of my favourite casual or day time looks:

And here are some of my favourite party looks:

What do you love most, what shapes or trending styles are you in to, or have stuck with you throughout the years??  Share your fashion favourites!

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