October 03, 2013

Oh man, this week..

This week has been beyond a bummer.  On Saturday and Monday night I had the worst pain ever, I kind of though I had been stabbed in the side, it was intense.  Tuesday I popped into my GP's office to get it sorted, and they sent me straight to the hospital.  Turns out my Gallbladder is funky and I may need to get it removed, so I am on a bunch of pain killers until Monday when I get to have an ultrasound and a bunch of other tests.  So freaky!  And I am on the worlds worst diet.  Brown Rice and Chicken or Toasts, or Soup.  No dairy, No fats.. uhhhh I just want a million snickers bars right now!!

Anyways, I am super lucky because not only has Andrew been absolutely fantastic and supportive, but I have the beautiful Nurse Agatha, who seems to be glued to my side watching over me.  Raddest cat of all time.  Also my friends have been the best.  Fingers crossed next week I'm sorted out!


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