January 23, 2014

Step one..

The last few weeks have been crazy.  Telling friends and family- trying to calm down my overly excited mother- trying to plan a date for parties and the wedding celebration.  Crazy things!!  We have been together almost eight years but all of the sudden when we say we are going to get married, everyone goes insane with happiness and plans/ideas.  

It's wonderful and overwhelming.  I'm going to try and keep any of our plans and idea a bit hush because we have a long way until we tie the knot (next year, maybe autumn?) so we have time to plan, and more importantly save.  We are going to pay for as much of the celebrations and such ourselves, so that means save, save, save.  Fingers crossed.  

And fear not, I will still give little hints and details, now and then, but also I will be documenting the last year of my educational chapter- YAY, 11 months to go.  I will also document my life and things that go on (HINT: I'm off to Laneway on Monday so expect photos and such)

So here it is for now, xxo.

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