February 02, 2014

Treat yourself

Oh golly, planning out a wedding budget is doing my head in.  And it's not helpful to remember that the majority of my saving time will be while studying and working less than 20 hours per week.  But I am determined!!  But at the same time I need to also not work work work and have no rewards.  So I have devised a plan where I save X amount of money each week but still leaving myself enough to go to a movie or grab a few drinks with friends each week.  And I also want to be able to set mini goals, so while I am saving, each month I want to buy something special for myself, nothing huge, but a little something that I can wear or something I can do that is there to remind me that I'm not going crazy with wedding stuff, that I still need that balance of savings and treats.  

This was last months treat:

Along with savings I've decided to join a gym.  This is something that I have been on and off thinking about over the last two years, and I kept coming up with excuses to why I didn't need to join.  I don't feel like I need to join, but ultimately I want to join in order to maintain my weight and to strengthen my knees, that have had years of ligament tears and knee cap fracture-y things.  I want to be able to get to a point that if (aka when) I do need surgery on my knees I can bounce back sooner and not be held up with recovery.  So tomorrow I walk into the gym and sign up! (I would have already been signed up but I turned up at the gym too late yesterday, whomp whomp.)

This is exciting, I'm really pumped.  I start back at school in a few weeks, I start saving (officially in two months, but I'm trying to get a wee head start!)  Here is to this next chapter of my life, I'm totally on board!


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