August 31, 2013

Lots of things

The past month has been intense.  Lots of things have happened!  I am back at school, only 40 more weeks until I finish completely (at times I never thought I would finish!)  Also I got a promotion at work, I am now a supervisor which is really amazing, and kind of a weird transition. 
Also a great friend of mine, Erin, is moving to my homeland (USA) in October, it's going to be super awesome for her to go over there but at the same time I am going to miss her so much.  She is trying to come to Illinois in November to visit me when I am there with family, so fingers crossed.
And last night was the annual HCC quiz night, in which our work team took 9th place (out of 25) so we were pretty proud of that!  It was a fun night, even though I let the team down on a American-related question!
Also my friend Jess and I created "The Hamilton Blog Network" last year and we are finally dedicating the proper amount of time to it get it off the ground.  We are connecting with other local designers and bloggers and having out first picnic in the park in a few weeks.  Super excited to work on that and get these creative blogging vibes going!
Life is going along, warming up everyday.. Until next time, xxo.

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