September 21, 2013

Great Reads: Hello Tillie - The blog edition!

Most of you know, I read a lot of other blogs and I have a lot of friends who blog about everything under the sun.  It is so much fun to be able to connect with people through words thoughts and photos.

One of the most amazing ladies I know in the blogging world is Tillie.  She is adorable, she has rad style, and is extremely well written.  I love reading her words because sometimes I feel like we're on the same wave length. (that sounds super creepy, but you know that feeling when you relate with someone's ideals and such- anyways, I swear I am not a creep!)

She has an amazing blog called  "Hello Tillie" and it's an amazing insight to this amazing lady.  Along with her thoughts, she posts pictures, and her designs- yep- she is super talented, and had amazing art that she shares.  

Anyways, long story short- she is awesome.  This whole post is going to seem like me just fan-girling over her, but I really wanted to share her blog with everyone- because I can.

Check her out!  And if you have a blog please share! xxo.

*all images are from Hello Tillie.

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