February 21, 2014

None 2 Stun

So tonight, my lady love Courtney had a little play with makeup one me.  Since I'm pretty new to the makeup scene- I really wear tinted lotion and mascara 99% of the time, this little gem is getting me use to makeup and teaching me some tips.  Plus I'm mega lucky that she is doing my makeup for my engagement party and my wedding (next year)!!!  And also mega lucky that she is one of my best friends, that is so much more important than the whole makeup thing.

Anyways here are the results, 1.) Body Base Zero (ten points if you get the reference) 2.) and nice summery look.  3.) might be the best look of the night, this was definitely my favorite look- Lisa Simpson Lizzard Queen look- love that lipstick.  

She has gotten me rather into makeup and we are devising a list of items we need to order and have my mom send to us from the USA.  

Tonight was rad!  Love this girl! xxo.

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