February 19, 2014

Hair Care Routine.

I have been blessed with a super annoying, thick, frizzy-curly bomb of hair.  I never say it's appeal growing up, but I have always had a lot of compliments regarding my hair.  It's overwhelming at times but I wouldn't want it any other way.  I take heaps of pride in hair care- mainly because my entire childhood I was forced to have super short hair, I felt like a boy all throughout elementary and middle school, so once I was "allowed" to pick my hair style I just started to grow it and never stopped. 

It's a lot to take care of, because it's frizzy and at times un-tame-able, this means I own more hair care products.  I finally (in the last year or two) have found different ways of styling it so I don't always look like a massive ball of hair wearing glasses.  I'm lucky that my hair is pretty balanced, not oily (only a tad dry during summer) and because there is so much of it, I only wash it two to three times a week (hair dressers recommendation!)
There is a graph at the bottom, with pictures and stuff- :)

Everytime I wash my hair - I use Dove Nourishing Oil shampoo and conditioner, followed by their moisturizer (which I use while washing and then use a little pea size drop after towel drying my hair to leave it throughout the day.) I'm a big fan of Dove products, for me it's the best supermarket shampoo I have tried. I follow that up with Davines' all-in-one milk gets sprayed on before I put a towel on it and I leave the towel on it for as long as possible, so my hair is stewing in good oils.
Once a week - I use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and Lush Snake Oil bar (not on the same wash day) to help with dry scalp and split ends.

Natural/Normal look - I use (when wet) Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion (along with the other "every wash" products), wrap my hair in a silk scarf (trust me, it polishes your hair up nice) and the once dried use some Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Frizz Taming Serum (I actually use this daily, whenever my hair looks frazzled.)

For a more polished ringlet look - I dry my hair naturally, followed by Evo Iron Welder heat protector, I give it a quick straighten, then use a Vidal Sassoon hair straightener, it goes up to 300+ degrees, which is hotter than a GHD and means the hold will last longer- I wrap my hair around the tongs and curl it in sections (spraying each curled section with Herbal Essence Mega Hold (it's the best I've found)

For a complete straight look - I tend to blow dry the hair first, I sometimes towel/air dry, but it causes the roots to be rather tightly curled and my hair is never as smoothed at the end result.  I use Loreal Paris Xtreme Straight cream and Fudge Urban Straight Stuff Hair protector before I apply the straightener.  I actually put this on about 5-10 minutes before I start straightening so it sinks in a bit.  I use a GHD eclipse for straight looks, I have never had better results with any other straightener that I get with the eclipse.  It's designed for "the perfect temperature" and it really hold, even in light rain.  Once I've finished straightening, I give it a quick spray with Fudge Instant Smoothie, and (although not pictured) I put the  Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Frizz Taming Serum on at the end to calm any strays.

Well, that's that!  Happy good hair days!! xxo.

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